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Garage Sales

February 27, 2007 By: nooccar Category: House

When I was growing up we lived on a four lane highway and I was always bugged that I couldn’t have a garage sale. I always seemed to have junk I didn’t want, but I could never try to sell it. So one thing I loved about getting my own house was having garage sales! Garage sales are a really big deal in the Valley, and we hit several a week. We go all out with the signs, making sure everything is clean and ready to go and everything is organized. Our last garage sale was with Laura and Emma in October. It’s now February. We have a ton of stuff that didn’t sell. Donna wanted to keep it all and give it to a woman’s shelter nearby.

We eventually gave up on that idea because her shelter didn’t take donations after work hours, which is when we’d need to drive there with all of our stuff. We found another shelter recently who would take everything and even the desk. They even told us they’d pick it all up! I felt like hell was freezing over tonight as we packed it all up. Donna’s moving all the boxes to the driveway before 8am tomorrow, and perhaps, soon, we can pull the Chevy back into the garage!

Oscars & the party

February 26, 2007 By: nooccar Category: Leisure

As the world knows, the Oscars were last night. Donna did a wonderful job of planning everything out, and she actually did way more than I ever planned to do. I really enjoy our yearly party, but this year she went all out. She bought cool decorations and dragged me around to the various stores to get stuff for the party. Then we worked on getting everything ready. This year we invited almost 35 people and 28 showed up. Everyone ranging from community college colleagues to high school teachers to Intel friends. We all congregated in our huge living room with the new leather love seat and chaise. In the past I’ve always done well personally with the winners, but for some reason I really sucked this year. Although I will say that winners like Arkin and that German movie were complete surprises. And instead of betting my gut feeling, I thought logically this year. I went with Dreamgirls on several that were hyped up, and I picked against cast for best picture. I figured we might pull a Shakespeare in Love this year and have some major Best Picture upset, but you know what? It didn’t happen. Marty walked away with both and all was well in Hollywoodland. My bad. Check Flickr for some pictures.

February 18, 2007 By: nooccar Category: Uncategorized

Claire_pigtails_Feb07, originally uploaded by nooccar.

Oscars & United 93

February 18, 2007 By: nooccar Category: Movies, Reviews

All evening I’ve felt very depressed like something was missing or was not quite right in my world. And as I drove home from bowling, it struck me. I watched United 93 this afternoon and I couldn’t shake the feeling of despair and death from the film. We went to Blockbuster earlier this week to see if any Oscar movies had been released and found three: Marie Antoinette, An Inconvenient Truth and United 93. I remember a shocked awe that came over the crowd when the nominees were announced last month and Paul Greenglass was nominated in for this film in the best director category. Not only were people shocked, but they are mostly certain that he has no chance at all. Nada. Not with Eastwood and Scorsese battling it out on the cinematic battleground.

Unless you live in a cave in Tibet, you know this film is about 9/11, and it’s the second film I’ve seen on this. I saw World Trade Center earlier this year and felt it was so so (Maybe if they left out celebrity casting like this gem does, it would’ve been better). Donna and I had recorded Flight 93 on television, and I actually still don’t know what the difference is between that and United 93. I do know that this one hit closest to home for me, literally. United 93 crashed in Somerset County less than 2 hours from my hometown. And we can postulate that it was a darn good thing it crashed since it was supposedly headed for D.C. Now I am not going to conspiracy theorize of anything with you, but how do we really know? Greenglass does a fine job of making a tasteful movie, but the only thing we know for sure that happened on that plane was what passengers said to people who they called before they all blew up and died. And Greenglass made his film around that.

I’ll admit. I cried. I sit here writing this, looking at the small TV where I watched the second plane crash into the WTC on CNN, and I watched my daughter play around me as I watched the movie earlier. She will never know a world without 9/11. She will never know the taken for granted freedoms we once had. It bugged me that Greenglass almost seemed to attempt to get into the psyche of the terrorists in the film, as if he knew what they were thinking. And how white everyone but the terrorists were in the film. The film bugged me. It bugged me that as with my grandparents before me who know where they were when Pearl Harbor was bombed or my parents who know where they were when Kennedy was shot, and now I won’t forget where I was in Sept 11, 2001. I was in my bedroom in our first apartment getting ready for work watching on a small Emerson CRT television. And I sit here writing this, I wonder where my daughter will be when the next big catastrophe happens.

Greenglass has a snowballs chance in hell for the directing nod, but maybe if the Academy wants to throw the auteur a bone it’ll come in the shape of a film editing Oscar, even though there are some heavy hitters there, as well. We will see if the five year old largest catastrophe on American soil, and the third film about it, can come away with a solitaire award on Oscar night.

Oscars & Little Children

February 17, 2007 By: nooccar Category: Movies, Reviews

Earlier I had reviewed Notes on a Scandal and lauded Judi Dench’s voice over narration, but here, in Little Children, those same techniques become too much, too often, and remind me of Emma Watson’s narration of Stranger than Fiction on Crack. That was just the beginning of my problems with Little Children. This film critique is almost oxymoronic in that there was so many things I really enjoyed about the movie, but at the same time there’s a ton I didn’t enjoy. There are those movies that just make you want to analyze them over and over again, but the problem here is that everytime I attempted to answer a question posed for the audience, I realized that we never did get those answers. Why was Jean mad at Sarah? Did Ronnie live? And what was up with Richard?

Little Children should’ve been the smart intersection of four separate life stories all entangled in subterfuge, lost and loneliness in suburbia, but I really didn’t get that. I got the mopey housewife who once had potential and, dressed, looked only a step better than Cameron Diaz in Being John Malkovich. Sarah Pierce, played by Kate Winslet, is stuck in a drole life where her husband would rather masturbate to internet porn than pay attention to her. He’s on-screen long enough to be caught and then we don’t see much of him, at all. Sarah’s lover Brad’s (Patrick Wilson) wife, played nicely be Jennifer Connely almost feels like the most talented actor in the film and isn’t given much credit. Throughout she wants Brad to take the bar for the third time, but we don’t know why he never passes. I suppose he doesn’t want to really be a lawyer and would rather play with his son in the park or watch the local skaters. Sarah seems happy in her boring life where she absolutely nothing to worry about. (Her house is paid for and her daughter’s a dear.)

In a seemingly enigmatic parallel plot line, a convicted pedophile has been released from prison and moved into the neighborhood with his elderly mother. Jackie Earle Haley, former child star from The Bad News Bears, plays this predator with acidic aplomb who, at times, the audience can almost feel sorry for. He is sickening to look at, but the entire plot around the town’s obsession with his arrival did nothing for the film and didn’t seem to mesh with the affair Brad & Sarah begin in the local park — other than the obvious link between lust & playground antics.

It seemed that whenever Tood Fields wasn’t sure how to show a scene, he just decided not to. Instead he had some faceless narrator tell the audience what was about to happen, and by doing so, treated us as if we weren’t intelligent enought to figure it out for ourselves. Unfortunately for Sarah, Ronnie, and for us, Fields dropped his voice over narration toward the crucial end, where he left us high and dry. These Little Children went home to bed without as much of a good night, let alone any explanation whatsoever. I guess after Marie Antoinette and, now Little Children, it was the week of ignoring the audience for the sake of art.

Oscars & Marie Antoinette

February 14, 2007 By: nooccar Category: Movies, Reviews

I’ll admit that I was really waiting for this one. It came out some months ago, and I so enjoyed Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides and her relationship with Spike Jonze (who, to my dismay, eventually divorced) that I thought that Marie Antoinette was sure to be a winner. Damn, was I wrong. Sure, the initial reviews weren’t great, but I was willing to overlook them. Especially after I acquired the brilliant soundtrack and watched the trailer multiple times, but I was disappointed that all the "good stuff" was right there in the trailer. When I saw the film it fell completely short. The soundtrack linked the classical sounds of the late 18th century France with contemporary music like Aphex Twins & Bow Wow Wow, and with Sofia Coppola at the helm I hoped to drink this film like a tall, cool glass of fresh originality built around an intriguing story and brilliant soundtrack, but all I got was rain water and soggy lifelessness.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Dunst, but she sometimes reminds me of the female Keanu Reeves, who I never ever ever forget IS Keanu Reeves and not the embodiement of the role. This film chronicles Antoinette’s life from being handed over to France after being stripped away of all belongings (except a nude, not-so-invisble thong over her near anorexic body) to the exile from Versailles at the heighth of the French Revolution. Coppola seemed to attempt to convey the language of the film through imagery, and it is with that goal she fell short. This is NOT Lost in Translation, but it felt like she attempted a period piece along that same vein. Although I would enjoy seeing her attack more period pieces, a talent that can only grow with time and travesty. As for the language of imagery in the film. My god, give me some lines! Some dialogue! Tell your audience what’s going on. Shakespeare in Love not only told the neophyte Shakespeareans what was happening, but it was also smart enough for Elizabethan scholars. Marie Antoinette expects you to know everything there is to know about the life and times of Marie Antoinette and offers nothing to you in terms of plot. It just moves forward as if her audience all just finished reliving all events in 1790s France.This doesn’t work for me.

What does work for me is the Costume Design. Milena Canonero has a long line of nominations behind her starting with Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, Chariot’s of Fire, and Out of Africa. It has been a while since Canonero has won, and she’s due again. In a category as mish-mashed as the structure of this film, Canonero is sure to shine on Oscar night.

Oscars & Pan’s Labyrinth

February 09, 2007 By: nooccar Category: Movies, Reviews

Donna hates scary film trailers and in a world of Tivo, we don’t watch commercials anymore. It’s to the point where sometimes the commercials come on, and she will pause for a while so she can then fast forward through them. So anyway, she doesn’t watch scary previews, and some people would say that Pan’s Labyrinth falls into this category, and I suppose I thought it would be scarier than it was. I also thought it would be underworld and less above world, but I did enjoy del Toro’s allegory of the struggles for indepence against the Spanish facist regime in 1944 Spain. Of course, I also forgot that it was subtitled.

It bothered me a whole two minutes before I became mesmerized by the cineatic filters and the subtle undertones of military conflicts between the Captain’s army stationed at the mill and the rebels in the mountains surrounding the area. Ofelia, lost in a world of make-believe and fairies, has recently lost her tailor father and her mother has remarried to give the captain an heir and to save herself in the midst of revolution at world wars. Ofelia rebels against the world as it is and slips into a fantasy world that the viewer never rectifies. She is supposedly the underworld’s princess and lost daughter of the King of the Underworld. She is told all of this by Pan (played phenomenally by Doug Jones who you will later see as the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer) who also plays Pale Man –both of whom are the most cinematic characters in the tale. I trusted Pan almost as much as I trust Severus Snape (at least until this summer). I won’t give away the ending or this on, dear readers. I will tell you I enjoyed it. Moreover, I am pleasantly surprised by it’s five nominations this year, and I would guarantee it will win at least one that will remain nameless and maybe others.

Yes, I am being ambiguous on purpose here. I can’t give away all my secrets. Until Little Children.

Arizona State fails grad student

February 09, 2007 By: nooccar Category: College

Over the past two years my relationship with ASU has been going downhill. I blame my advisor. I should not lambaste anyone or any system here, and I won’t burn bridges, but I didn’t get any support. I won’t say none, Angelika and Karen were vital in my survival at ASU. Rob is another one who pushed me out through unprofessionalism. Eric was good to me.

I received a letter earlier this school year that said due to "inactivity" I said until this May to "progress" or they’d kick me out. I think the following email, which I’ve pasted in it’s entirety below shows what Arizona State University really thinks about their students who spent years trying to get a good degree and paying a crapload of money.


Mon, 22 Jan 2007 15:57:51

You  have  been  removed  from  the  CANDIPHD  list  (C&I  Ph.D.  Student
Announcements) by Michelle *****<michelle.*****@ASU.EDU>.

Our  records indicate  that you  are no  longer a  student in  a doctoral
program  in   Curriculum  and   Instruction.  Therefore  you   have  been
unsubscribed from the listserv.

If  you believe  you  have  been unsubscribed  in  error, please  contact Michelle ***** by email at  Michelle.***** or by phone  at (480) 965-****.

Thank you.

No Michelle, thank you. You and your office.

Running without being chased

February 07, 2007 By: nooccar Category: Leisure

I was wondering how to categorize this post, and came up with "Leisure". I don’t know if it’s actually a leisure activity because it feels more like work than some of the stuff I do for money. I always joke about running only when being chased, but recently I’ve been running more and more. Yes, me.

After Christmas I resolved to lose weight. I hate to say it, but you know what. Seriously. Three years ago I got really sick and was put on meds that made me gain weight. A lot of weight. About 50 pounds. So here we go. I’ve tried to watch what I eat, and then I fall back. So now I have a plan.

I find weight training tedious and sore. When Donna and I use to go the gym I didn’t mind the cardio workout, so I figured I’d start there. Donna mentioned off-handedly that the college has a gym employees can use, and I latched onto that idea. I hadn’t thought of that, and definitely wasn’t working out at the high school. So I signed up for a Phys Ed class where I need to complete 24 hours of workouts during the semester, and it forces me to go or I will receive an "F". Ha! I feel like I am in high school again myself.

Anyway, I’ve worked out for 6 hours so far. I tend to do about an hour every other evening, but there are limitations. For example, they close at 2pm on Saturdays and aren’t open on Sundays. So I hit the recumbent bike, then the treadmill, then the upright bike and, this week, I added the stairmaster to my workout. I tend to do about 8-10 miles each time. It feels good and I’ve almost lost 10 pounds since Christmas. 40 more to go.

Oscars & Little Miss Sunshine

February 03, 2007 By: nooccar Category: Movies, Reviews

Every year there’s that one movie that just makes you feel so good about yourself. This year it’s Little Miss Sunshine, and the sun sure was shining on us today as we watched this one. I hate to say it, but this film has some tough competition in the categories where it’s nominated. The best shot it has is Alan Arkin who plays "Grandpa". His breakaway scene is when he tells Olive Hoover, the heroine of our film played amazingly by the talented Abigail Breslin, how much he loves her, before locking himself in a hotel bathroom to sort Heroine, which subsequently kills him. The humor that enfolds as they steal his body to continue their trip to the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant in California reminds me of National Lampoon’s but he’s stuffed in the trunk rather than tied to the roof. This was only one of the several well-placed comedic scenes in this film. Arkin is up against some heavy hitters (see my last post on the jauggernaut that is Dreamgirls), and he has never won. Sorry, Al, but this isn’t your year either.

Against The Queen, Iwo Jima, and The Departed for Best Picture, it’s difficult not to throw the levity of a feel good movie a bone by nominating in here, but we all know the record of comedic wins in this category. Far and few between.

As an ensemble, it’s a brilliant movie, but the Academy doesn’t recognize ensembles, and that’s too bad. Breslin was fine in this film and has a career, if she doesn’t fall into the child star syndrome. Kinnear has been better, and I’ve never liked Toni Collette. She’s ugly. My opinion. Yes, ugly. Uglier than Steve Buscemi. Sorry, but she was the scariest thing in Sixth Sense and since. Now let’s talk about Paul Dando and Steve Carrell. Unless you’ve lived in a cave in Tibet during the last 18 months, you know Carrell, and he’s wonderful here as the suicidal, out-of-work, gay professor uncle who is being babysat by his sister’s family so he doesn’t try to slit his wrists again. His stark white outfit fits well against the bright banana (or should I say sun?) color of the VW bus they need to push start everytime the stop somewhere. Dando plays well as Brelin’s older brother whose 9-month vow of silence ends 3/5 of the way through the film. I last saw him in The Girl Next Door as the mysterious penis man, and he’s come a long way since.

I checked as soon as I could following the film, in hopes it is nominated for Costume & Cinematography, but to no avail. It was denied in both categories, which was a travesty in itself.

A fun evening movie with some great laughs, and definitely a true contrast to today’s earlier Notes on a Scandal.

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